This is a how to build your base in a new realm. The major difference is the lack of resources available and that 90% of the realm is still in their bubble. You can tell if you’re in a new realm as there will be a lot of people spamming recruiting messages in the General Chat.


I have also written a quick ‘Elite Players’ note within the guides as they will do things slightly differently. The major different between the casual players and Elite is that they will spend money so their game play style is different.


First mistake people make in a new realm is trying to obtain Dragon Armour. Do NOT attempt to obtain dragon armour this early on. Dragon armour isn’t a necessity and you aren’t strong enough to try defeat Grodz for it yet. See Growing 201: Great Dragon for details ** link growing 201: Great Dragon**




Bubble days [Your first 7 days under protection]


Level research centre (so you can unlock more advanced research, see notes for more infomation)


Build 3-5 Homes, level your Houses so you always have positive idol population In the Resources view: Build 1-2 Farms


Build 1-2 Quarries


Build 4+ Lumbermills


Build 3+ Mines




Your upkeeps goes up the more troops you have, if you run out of food your men will not die, you just won't be able to train any until you have food. When you start growing in power you will never be able to offset your upkeep with your food production. Hitting Anthro camps is the only way to get food efficiently 

At the time of writing this guide up upkeep was -30,000,000




Build 15-17 Garrisons. See notes for additional information


Build Sentinel, lvl 18 

Steps 6-9 are the minimum steps required to unlock certain Units, you can build these in want ever preference you want, depending on the Army composition you are after 

See Training 101 for more details




Build Factory, lvl 18 to unlock Armoured Transports


Build Metalsmith, lvl 4


Build Rookery, lvl 12


Level your Dragon Keep, You should now of unlocked Swiftstrike Dragons, if you have completed the research required


Do not build a theatre. You will be swimming in gold, it is a useless building


Optional: Build a storage vault, level as high as you need. This will protect some your resources from being taken (you will not need this later in the game, however I RECOMMEND building in a new realm as it is very difficult to get resources early on and this will protect your resources, except Gold.


Fill the rest of your empty spots with garrisons, if you missed any or decided not to get the Storage Vault


Click on your wall, set your men to “evade” 

You should break protection early and look for easy targets. There will be a lot of inactive Cities and until the majority of the realm is out of their bubbles you should hit everyone around you for resources as often as you can. See ’War 101: Basics’ for how to attack






You should try avoiding losing any troops, so make sure you spy to see if they are defending.


Elite Players: Also if you are a serious Player, I suggest making Alternate account for each Resource and warp near your city so you can have a steady flow of resources incoming.


Also if you have started the new realm in a group (highly suggested) from your other realm, you should decide if you are going to pool resource so you can win the early tournaments, The more of you that place in the tournaments the better, as if will make winning the future tournaments A LOT easier. See how to win tournaments for further info





See building 101 for details on each building and overview of how to set out your city. ** include link to guide**


First you should level a Garrison to level 10-14 then focus on levelling your Sentinel, Factory, Rookery and Metalsmith to unlock troops, research and buildings, then once you have unlocked what you need to, should focus on levelling them all to 19 as soon as possible.


You should only level any building as high as you need to, example to unlock a unit or research, so you don’t waste resources on a building that isn’t providing any additional benefit.





Due to their being a limited supply of resource in a New Realm you will have to produce your own, however do not use all of your resources levelling up resource buildings to high, to maintain efficiency.


Depending on what troops you decide to train you should focus building more resource building to support that troop. You can have more of either Lumbermills or Mines as they will always provide a benefit to you, but I would not suggest building any more than 2 or Quarries or Farms.


Elite players: If you decide to have an Alt account then you will only need 1 of each resource building, and only 3 homes. The rest of your buildings will be Garrisons





Level research centre, and start researching! The key to this is always being able to have research going. Which research should be done first depends on what you want your army is comprised of for which research you will train first.


If you don’t plan on unlocking Fangtooths or spending money to unlock Fire Mirrors you should research:


Cairvoyance, is the most important as it allows you receive more detailed information when spying


Dragonary, until you can unlock Aerial Combat


Aerial Combat


Metallurgy, Alloys will be needed to upgraded to beable to unlock the higher research lvls of Metallurgy


Medicine, as dragons are speed units they have lower health than the Melee units, so Medicine is important in helping your dragons survivability


Rapid Deployment, Weapons Calibration and Levitation are all as important as each other


Dragon Lore, Woodcraft, Agriculture, Masonry, are the least important




This is the order you should research if you are Building your Army with BD, SSD, they tend to be the earliest unit you will have a full atk wave and so should aim to make them as strong as possible. You will alter the order if you intend to unlock FT or FM and plan on making a Army comprised of them different units.

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