Welcome to the first class of Warfare, War 101, the basics. Here you will learn on attacking fundamentals and related elements that are effecting your way in doing it. Also a step-by-step detail information on how to attack can be read below.


In the game you can attack three different targets: Anthropus camps, wilderness and cities. Camps and wilds are in-game targets while cities are real people playing the game. Alliances are important here, and the game encourages you to join or create one. Although you can survive on your own, being together with other people in an alliance helps with resources and battles. If you are in an alliance, you cannot attack your fellow members. Targeting a city that belongs to another alliance can mean waging a war with them, so take care in selecting your prey.


Gathering resources and gold is the main reason for attacking (at least for Camps and Wilds), raiding the targets for their food, wood, metal, stone and gold. Camps have many food the higher the level. Wilds have less resources but can be conquered to help your city in producing specific goods. Another person's city can have resources you can raid depending on their vault level. You can always spy these targets first to see the resources they have. Increase your level of Clairvoyance to accurately spy targets, for camps and wilds you need to send more spies (see Growing 103: Raiding Camps for further info). Attacking another person's city can have many reasons and while this is just a game, proper etiquett should be regarded (attacking small active players considered as bullying). A popular word with DoA players for attacking is "farming".


When you just starting, you will have a protection bubble. This bubble protects you from attack by other cities. You can attack camps and wilderness but if you attack a city, your bubble will burst.


An attack has three stages: marching, the actual battle and retreating/ returning.




While marching you can do a speed-up, using items to shorten march time. You can also cancel your marching troops through Muster Point building. Canceling a march is retreating. Note that cancelling a march cost a full single trip back. Battling


When reaching the target, your troops will battle the target's troops instantly and would only take a second for the battle to finish. You then can see the result in a report in your mailbox. See War 102: Battle Mechanic to learn how the battle mechanic works. Retreating/ Returning


If you win or have survivors, your troops will do a trip back. Speed-up using items also can be applied here. A march and retreat time are calculated by the slowest troop(s) being sent/ survived. 


While attacking, starting from sending your troops till they are back, you can see it in a queue list tab called March on the bottom bar. Sending many attacks will fill up the queue which requires an upgraded Muster Point building in order to add more. The maximum possible marches are ten. An attack also needs a General, you can hire one in the Officers' Quarters building.


In-Game Step by Step


  1. You Select the City, Wild or Anthropus Camp you wish to attack on the world map.
  2. The menu pops up and you select Attack. 
  3. You must select your General, then press next. Your General provides a boost to your troops in the march. There are two types of boost, Attack and Defense. The amount of boost depends on the level of the General.
  4. You can select the Dragon you wish to send with the march, then press next. Dragons provide a boost to your troops, The Great Dragon gives +5% Attack to all dragons on the march. The Water Dragon gives __________
  5. You select the troops you are going to send on the March The maximum amount of troops you can send on a march depends on the level of your Muster Point. The Load Capacity is the total amount of resources your troops can carry back. This is determined by the total load stat of all the units that are sent on the march. The Time it takes for your march to reach the enemies city is calculated by the troop in the march that has the lowest speed points (see Training 101).
  6. You can select a boost, you then press attack. Dragon Hearts and Glowing Shields increases troops' defense not just on the marches, but also when defending as well. This boost will last for 24 hours. Now here is the last point where you can cancel/ change anything with the attack before marching.
  7. Your army then marches towards the enemy city. If you want to recall your march at this point, you have to go into your Muster Point and select Deployment, you can see all marches you have here
  8. Once your March reaches the Enemies City/ Wild/ Anthropus Camp, the status in the queue will change to Fighting. You will then receive a battle report.
  9. At times, there is delay for the notification of a battle report, however if you go into Mail and selectReports, it should be in there. Close out of mail and re-enter for a faster refresh









Varden BMU: Attacking Basics!


In DoA, you can attack other cities, anthro camps, and wilds. You can gather resources from other cities and food from anthro camps, which we refer to as “farming.” You need to farm in order to grow, because building your city, doing your research, and training your troops all require resources. Here are some things to keep in mind:


SSDs and BDs are most useful for farming, they are fast and they can carry a decent amount.


To carry away more resources, you can send ATs as well, but they will slow down the march.


We have guides for farming anthro camps with a single loss – use them! Anthro camps are your best bet for gathering food.


Keep an eye on the cities around you. If their power never changes, then chances are they have stopped playing. These folks are known as inactives and are almost always safe to farm for resources. Other cities are a great source of non-food resources.


If you are farming someone who might be active, use spies to reduce your risk. Time a spy to arrive shortly before your attack. If the spy dies, then recall your attack to save your other troops. You can recall an attack from your Muster Point.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Don’t send all your ATs or all your dragons on a single attack. Keep some back so it is easier to rebuild if you lose them.




Comprehension Double Check: 


Anthro camps are the best source of both food and other resources. True or false?


Varden BMU: Defense Basics!


This is a war game – you are going to get attacked! And as you get bigger, it may happen even more often. ? You have the option of defending against attacks, but you need to be very careful when doing so. Some important points:


Your Wall should be set to Evade almost all the time.


To defend against an attack, set your Wall to Defend.


Time your Wall carefully so you defend only against the attack you intend to defend against and set it back to Evade right away.


When deciding whether to Wall, you need to consider your likelihood of winning with minimal losses. Check our ever expanding lists of defense configurations for common attacks.


An enemy might send a small attack to entice you to wall so they, or another player, can speed a bigger attack. So pay attention to their power and their alliance.








Comprehension Double Check: 


What happens if you are attacked and your wall is set to defend?


Varden BMU: Reinforcing Basics!


Other players can send troops to help you out. Here are some things to keep in mind:


The reinforcing troops will do nothing but defend, you cannot use them to attack.


The reinforcing troops will automatically defend, no matter how your wall is set.


The reinforcing troops will eat your food.


You can send the reinforcing troops back home in the Muster Point.


The number of reinforcement marches you can receive increases as your fortress level goes up.




Comprehension Double Check: 


What happens to reinforcing troops if there is an attack? What happens to the defenders’ troops if the wall is set to Evade?


Varden BMU: Basics of Working Together


Even if you only have a little power, you can contribute in numerous ways to the martial supremacy of the Varden!


If you have an active enemy that walls when you attack, see if a bigger player is interested in attacking. You can send your attack to trigger their wall, then the bigger player can speed a big attack timed to arrive when your attack does. To be extra safe, you can recall your attack before it ever lands! Use Line to coordinate your attacks and get the timing right.


Ask for reinforcements when you receive sentinel alerts. Post a ss of the alert in Line, then we can decide whether and how to reinforce.


If you spy a particularly juicy resource target that is out of your league power-wise, post a ss. A bigger player might be interested.




Comprehension Double Check: 


You have to have several million power before you can participate in battles. True or false?

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