Field and Movement-the meat and potatoes of the DOA battle.

With all the calculation involved in a battle...the most difficult thing for ppl to understand is what hits what, why and when. What troop gets attacked and why is solely based on two factors , field length and movement of the troops. This is a crude guide looking into these factors, with the hope of giving ppl a launch point to understanding these extremely complicated series of events that determine battle outcomes.

Field size
When no range is sent on the attack, field is referred to as a base field...length around 500.
When attacker sends ranged troops, field is set to the ATTACKERS longest ranged troop plus base of 500.
The attacker sets the field length. The field length is the number of paces between the opposing armies, that must be crossed by foot or ranged fire to deal damage. If the attacker send only melee troops that have no range, the field is somewhere around 500 paces long. If the attacker send a troop type that has range, the field is set to the longest range of the troops sent  plus the base 500.
The movement of troops is determined by their speed, both in how far they move and which one moves first. Highest speed troops move first, and the distance they move is determined by their base speed x rapid deployment lvl (example spies...base speed 3000 x rapid deployment lvl 10 bonus of 100%...3000x2.0=6000). Note SSD and BD get an added bonus to speed from Dragonary effect at max research doubling their base speed(example SSD base speed 1000 +(RD lvl10+dragonary lvl10)..1000+((1.0x1000)+(.5x1000))=1000+1500=2500).
This speed number is the number of paces the troop moves, per turn. It also determines which troop moves first. Spies (speed6000) move before SSD(speed2500). This goes for both attacker and defender. If the speeds are equal..the attacker moves first...if not..the highest speed troop(attacker or defender) moves first.

Application of these two factors in battle
Here is the super tricky I'll keep it to simple example. LJ on attack v ssd on defense. The attacker sets the field at 2900 paces(lj range+500). The ssd has higher speed (2500)so it moves first...moving 2500 paces. There is now a distance of 400 paces between ssd and LJ. Now the LJ takes its turn. 400 is within the LJ range, so it doesn't move. It shoots and kills x amount of ssd based on its ranged attack power. If all ssd are dead, end battle. If not, the second move starts and the ssd move again. They cross the remaining 400 paces and attack the LJ, based on their melee attack power. If all LJ dead, end battle. If not, LJ takes it second turn and hits ssd killing based of its MELEE attack power... and this pattern continues until one or the other is wiped.

Hopefully this gets you a better understanding of the field and movement. It is very basic, I know, but the better you understand these factors, the easier you understand the outcome.


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