One of the most common and important attack techniques is drawing troops from the defender's wall to kill them. However, it is also the most misunderstood.

The strategy is simple.
Some troops are faster, some are slower.  Let faster defending troops come nearer to your attacking troops. Kill them with your slower attacking troops.

This strategy is the BASIS behind your VW/range combos and FM combos. Many people simply copy such combos without understanding the concept behind them. And they come up with inefficient variations.

This technique DOES NOT WORK if your troops are FASTER than defenders troops. That's because your troops will go first, and get attacked by the defender's troops.


It will cause defender's troops to stay on wall instead of moving out and getting hit by your troops. So you end up killing less.

The 3 battle reports illustrate this. SSD 9 (base speed: 1205) is ineffective against a wall with ssd 8 (base speed: 1164) and ssd 6. Adding a spy doesn't do much either, except to kill a unit and die.

Another critical factor is the BATTLEFIELD. Make sure your battlefield is long enough such that defender's troops are unable to reach your troops in the first round. They should also stop at a distance where your troops can reach them. If there are troops on the wall that can cross your battlefield, then consider including meatshields in your combo such as GOs.

Lack of understanding in this technique and troop movement is also why you see the occasional mistakes. Such as:

1) sending 100k VWs with SSDs and only killing 150k SSDs.

2) targeting FTs on a wall and ending up hitting the GOs instead

3) sending a VW/range combo against a wall of 20k shadow stalkers and not killing anything

In conclusion -
Get a good understanding of troop movement and troop speeds and everything else will fall in place




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