Wall strategy 101

The taking of any wall, no matter what size, follows a general pattern. While there are techniques that allow you to skip around and break this pattern to your advantage, it is important to understand the basic breakdown and work from there.
The most effective way to start tearing a wall begins with extending the field to kill the speed troops. There are a number of ways to do this, but at the root of every attack should be a long range troop to extend the field beyond the movement range of any def troop. Lc, LJ,FM attacks will be the focus early, or a speed attack sent with one of those long range troops can also be utilized. So, at this point, you will be looking for attacks like 100k LJ, 10k GO...or for a speed/range build something like 110k vw, 1lj. It is also important at this point to look at the lvls of the def troops...esp the SSD lvl. Be aware!! A lvl 9 SSD has high enough speed to cross a field extended to LJ range! This means you will need to send a higher range FM (lvl6 or up) to extend the field beyond SSD movement. This hasn't been dialed in exactly, as sometimes them buggers seem to move further then they should. Go big on range...as big as you can.

After you clear the speed, you hit the heavy melee and LJ in the wall. While heavy hitting range attacks can help here, its best to use the field size and priority hitting to your advantage here. SSD, BD, Fangs, and CoF will skip around melee to hit the def range troops, namely the def LJ are easy to hit by skipping over the GO and hitting the LJ on priority. Fangs and CoF are very good at this, SSD will also skip to hit but the trade off isn't great. But don't burn all your fangs and cof on the LJ....they are awesome for the FM and lc as well. After the LJ are down...focus on LJ heavy attacks to hit the heavy melee hard (go, giants,mh).
After this point...clean up time. Use the fangs cof bd and ssd to kill off any range...heavy range for anything else.
This is by no means a cover all guide, nor does it explore all options for taking a wall down. There are situational things that are particular to each wall. This is meant to give a reference as to what to try, but ultimately, as the attacker...you need to find YOUR way to beat your opponent. Be creative, have fun, ask questions... as long as you get the job done, there really isn't a wrong way.


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