Generals Guide

Generals are the leaders that march your troops into battles and manage your
fortress.  They have a wide variety of bonuses that they can apply to troop
stats, resource production and many other elements of the game. A breakdown
of the 4 main general classes is as follows.



Amazon: Field marshals

When assigned, in the Officers quarters, these generals support battle
marches. While their statistics such as life or attack bonus do not affect
the outcome of a battle, their skill bonus's do. An example would be Zilla's
Increase lighting Cannons Attack. All lightning cannons sent on the march
should receive a 7.2% increase in their attack power.



Primus: Castellans

When assigned, these generals are the defensive coordinators. Their regular
bonus's such as Life and defense bonus apply to your troops on the wall.
Additionally their skill bonus will also apply to your troops when
defending. An example would be Solina's increase in giants defense will give
all the giants on the wall a 9.5% increase to their defense stat. The troops
will also get a bonus to their defense and life stats of +35% from the
regular bonus.



Zolmet: High stewards

When assigned, these generals manage resource production. Their regular
bonuses do not apply to battle on attack or defense. Their skill bonuses can
increase resource production, amount of resources that can be stored, or
increase your idle population limit. An example is Gralix's Increase in gold
production bonus of 20%.



Solerian: Way Marshals

When assigned, these generals manage troop training. Their regular bonuses
do not affect battle outcome on attack or defense. Their skill bonus can
reduce training time, reduce troop upkeep, and increase march or transport
speed. An example is Silvonia's reduction to battle dragon training time of
1.6% and her increase in troop limits will allow 1.6% more troops to be sent on
a march.





General Rank

There are 5 ranks of generals (number of stars)

1* Common

2* Uncommon

3* Rare

4* Epic

5* Legendary

The higher the rank of the general the greater the regular bonuses are for a
given level and the general can also be evolved more times.


Enhancing Generals

Generals can be enhanced to increase their regular bonuses. A general level
starts at 1 and can be increased to a limit depending on the rank of the
general. The greater the rank of the general (and number of times evolved),
the higher the max level the general can become.

To enhance a general, select the general you wish to enhance and then select
additional generals you wish to enhance with. In this example the auto
select feature has picked 6 x1 star generals that have general experience of
100 each for a total of 600 exp points. This was enough to enhance Zilla
from level 11 to 12 and increase her life, attack and leadership statistics.



Enhancing general skills

General skills bonuses can be increased in level by selecting generals to
enhance with, that have the same skill. In this example enhancing Echarnus
with an additional Echarnus will give a 67% chance that the skill will be
increased. Enhancing in this case was successful and the Battle dragons
attack skill was increased to level 2.



When trying to enhance the skill from level 2-3 notice that the odds of
being able to level the general up with 1 feeder general has decreased to
22%. As the level of the skill goes up, it will take more feeder generals to
increase the chance of a successful level up. By selecting more generals of
the same type the odds can be increased.


Since there is a limit to the number of feeder general that can be used to
enhance at 1 time for higher levels of the skill you will not be able to get
a 100% guarantee of a level up. To further increase the chances the feeder
gens can be enhanced with the same technique. Notice that when enhancing
Echarnus with a general that has a skill level already increased, the Level
up rate has increased to 33%. techniques to level up skills depend on player
preference, some choose to enhance feeder generals to increase the level up
rate, others choose to try multiple times with unenhanced generals.



Evolving Generals

Generals can be evolved to increase their maximum potential. Evolving
generals increases the maximum level that they can be enhanced to and also
increases the maximum that a skill level can be enhanced. To evolve a
general they must be the same type, their levels do not have to match. In
this example 2 Echarnus can be combined or "evolved" into 1. By doing so
max level is increased to 45 and the max skill level of battle dragons
attack to 10. Generals can be evolved once for every star that they have.



-Evolve generals

Evolve generals are wild card generals that can be used to evolve any
general that has the same number of stars.


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