Intro to Battle Mechanics

Welcome to the DoAUniversity Battle Mechanics section (BM for short). In here, we will discuss the use of troops, and how the battles play out in DoA:H.
To start of, a little disclaimer is in order. The topic of BM is the sketchiest area of understanding. There are different ways of viewing the topics we set forth, and being that we cannot see the actual battle, nothing is 100% certain. The ideas we set forth are our best mathematical guess, based on stats and how we apply them. You may hear people call the same ideas by a different term, or even have their own interpretation of how things play out, and we aren't here to tell those people they are wrong. These ideas we set forth are our way of looking at things, and the way we look at it to best make sense of it all. Also, we teach based off of these ideas, to maintain consistency of info. Now...down to the nitty gritty.

Troop stats
Below is a list of the stats that each troop has and what they mean
LIFE the amount damage that need to be done before a troop dies
DEFENSE the "armour" of a troop, in effect adding to the life stat, to make the HP...the number of hit points to kill a troop
RANGE  the effective distance a troop can attack without moving.
SPEED determines the distance a troop can move, per phase of battle
MELEE ATTACK the attack power a troop can hit with at melee range (face to face)
RANGE ATTACK the attack power a troop can volley when a target is at range (determined by the RANGE stat)
LOAD the number of resources a troop can carry after a successful attack.
UPKEEP the amount of food a unit consumes per hour

Research and how it is applied to the stats
This section will cover only the research that apply to the stats of your troops
RAPID DEPLOYMENT increases a troops speed by 10% for each level of research
WEAPONS CALIBRATION increases the range stat of you troops by 5% for each level of research
METALLURGY increases the melee attack, range attack, and defence stats by 5% for each level of research
MEDICINE increases the life stat by 5% for each level of research
DRAGONARY increases the speed of your Swift Strike and Battle Dragons by 5% for each level of research

How theses stats are calculated
Each stat add to the base stat you see in your Armoury. The simplest way to calculate this is to multiply the base stat by the decimal equivalent of the base times the percentage (WTF??!!).
Its simpler then it sounds...written out it is base x 1.**. The chart below will simplify this further...just take the base stat and multiply it by the decimal equivalent found in the chart.

Research lvl.             Decimal equivalent multiplier 5%
1                                   1.05
2.                                  1.10
3.                                  1.15
4.                                  1.20
5.                                  1.25
6.                                  1.30
7.                                  1.35
8.                                  1.40
9.                                  1.45
10.                                1.50
Rd research lvl.         Decimal equivalent for 10%
1.                                   1.10
2.                                   1.20
3.                                   1.30
4.                                   1.40
5.                                   1.50
6.                                   1.60
7.                                   1.70
8.                                   1.80
9.                                   1.90
10.                                 2.00

For an example, let take Conscript melee attack. It is increased by Metallurgy,  and let say our research level is Metallurgy 6.

Conscript melee attack=10
Level 6 multiplier from chart= 1.30
So our Conscript melee attack power is 13, after research is applied. This of course doesn't figure in the effect of generals or other buffs...this just serves as an intro into stat calculation.
When applying multiple researches or buffs, say in the case of SSD speed, where you applying Dragonry (5% per level) and Rapid Deployment (10% per level), you drop the 1.xx from the lower of the two multipliers and add them together to get your at level 5 RD and level 7 Dragonry, you get base*(1.5+.35) or base*1.85.

The battle field and how troops move.
The battlefield...that enigmatic area where the actual fighting happens. We never see it, but knowing it is the key to BM success.
Field length, the distance between the opposing armies, is set by the attacker. When the attack has a range troop in it, the field is set to the longest range in the march plus the 500 base length. If no range is sent, the field is a default length, or base length, of 500.
The troops move on this field, at a distance set by their speed. The speed not only determines how far a troop will move on this field, but also determines which troop moves first. The faster troop moves first, from either the attacker or the defenders side.

This concludes the very basic precepts of battle mechanics. But your journey into the fights of DoA:H is just beginning. Read on to the more advanced topics, and be sure to look at the guides provided by Think Tank for more in depth views and examples of these precepts. Mimms, NYTexan,  and the entire Think Tank team are players of this game, and bring you this information from our game experience and testing, so be sure to look at each guide for player\mentor viewpoints on the difficult concepts of BM. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in game!


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